The Warning Signs of a Dying Storage Drive


hard drivesHard drives are an essential part of our computers. Our machines are built to manage and operate data and it’s the hard drive’s job to hold said data. When, not if, your storage starts to fail, it could be detrimental to all of your family photos, important documents, music, or anything else that is stored in the drive. On top of that, your experience will be annoying and time-consuming because you’ll have an ultra system instead of a fast system to work with.

Being able to recognize the symptoms of an HD failure is crucial, since not everybody has their own back up system, so that you can act accordingly before you lose any of your valuable data forever.

The symptoms of a dying drive


More often than not, regular BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) and random reboots indicate problems with your computer. Crashes when opening files and folders are usually one of the warning signs of your system’s drive dying. Retrieving data at this point can be difficult since you usually can’t open your files through all of the reboots so act quickly.

Extended Wait Time To Access Files

If it takes you more than 15-30 minutes to open a file, that’s another indicator that your HDD is giving out on you. While this symptom could easily be mistaken as a harmless occurance, such as another program open that’s eating up more of the computing power, don’t let this slide.

Make sure your computer is running at its norm, especially if this happens repeatedly.

Unusual Sounds

HDDIf you find your hard disk making odd noises, that could mean the end is nigh and usually beyond repair. The common sounds of a failing hard drive often consist of grinding or clicking noises. These noises tend to be louder than what they should sound like.

Overall, if you never had any audible issues with your storage system and now you do, that could be a viable indicator that your it’s life is coming to an end.

Learn the sound of your hard drive during it’s early life so that you can easily recognize the differences as time goes on. Act quickly because you never truly know how much time you have left.

Missing Files

Documents Your files that have gone missing from your desktop or unable to open at all. A good portion of your family photo’s folder is gone. Photoshop stops working because it can’t find the necessary files to run.

These are all huge red flags when it comes to the health of your hard drive. Unless someone else moved your files without you knowledge, make sure to take the necessary actions against losing your data.

Your drive is no longer being recognized

Drives that are not being found by the system can usually be attributed to a failing hard drive, not the computer itself. Find an external enclosure for your hard drive and hook it up to another system such as your laptop or your friend’s desktop.

If the hard drive isn’t recognizable on their computer then your HD has probably failed due to software issues.

My Hard Drive Is Failing or Has Already Failed. Can I still retrieve my data?

There are some ways to retrieve your files but methods can be costly. Going to a professional could cost you upwards of thousands of dollars. It isn’t even guaranteed that the professional would be able to retrieve your files.

All in all, it is very important to make it a regular day-to-day routine to backup your files. Sometimes you won’t even get a warning and the next morning your hard drive won’t be able to boot and you’ll never see your family photos again.

If you need an alternative to a hard drive, try checking out SSDs. They’re much faster than your normal hard drive.

The Inexpensive Method of Saving Your Data!

InsteRecuva Proad of paying thousands to a computer guy who isn’t even sure that he can retrieve your files, check out a program that does the work for you.

Recuva Pro has saved my behind not only once, but twice!

Recuva Pro, in a nutshell, is your solution to recovering the data on a dead hard drive. Essentially, all you have to do is plug in your drive onto another computer and run the program!

Be smart and equip yourself with this hard drive recovery tool, because you don’t think you will need it, until you actually need it!

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Or, if you absolutely need to recover your files (I don’t blame you, time is not always in your favor when it comes to failing hard drives), then click here to buy it directly from the manufacturer.




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