pCloud Review: The Ultimate Cloud Storage Service On The Market

Technology is constantly evolving – the gadgets and devices you use today may become obsolete and useless as early as next week. We are steadily advancing and revolutionizing the way our computers work, specifically in the aspect of storage. Storage is progressing in a direction that no longer utilizes the hard drives or solid state drives inside our computer to store our music, pictures, or other forms of data. Cloud Storage has become the new break-through in today’s technology.

cloud storage reviewpCloud prides itself in providing the utmost security on the market. They have raised the bar as the representative of the ultimate cloud storage that demonstrates the versatility and toolset that is provided for their users. They distinguish themselves from the competition by emphasizing their strengths from the levels of security and safe storage room to their reliability and accessibility – placing your trust in their heavily shielded servers has never been an issue.

Now we’ll go more in-depth into what exactly sets the cloud service apart from every other cloud storage service by delving into its most important aspects and tools as well as the various selections regarding subscription options.

Why Would I Choose Them?

There are countless more popular cloud storage service companies out there, some the brands include Dropbox, OneDrive by Microsoft, or Google Drive. You might be asking yourself:

  • Why not just store your data in these popular, trusted companies instead, right?
  • What makes pCloud different and more worthy of my trust and my money?

Their aptitudes go beyond what these brands have to offer. It currently has the most sophisticated, cutting-edge attributes that demolish the competition, all for the best pricing plans on the market. No other brand compares to what pCloud has to offer.

Their wide range of resources equips the user with everything they will ever need for cloud storage. They cater to versatility between all the devices and gadgets available to make your experiences simpler and more adaptable. pCloud shines for its highly-developed security measures and top-of-the-line speeds. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or any other competitors simply cannot match the capabilities of pCloud.

What Does They Offer?

pCloud does not disappoint with its extensive toolset of numerous features. It’s almost as if they take what’s missing from other cloud storage services and add it to their service – in addition to their top tier functionality. Now, we’ll delve into what it is built to provide:

Sharing Made Easy

Best pCloud ReviewHaving the ability to distribute your files on demand with other people results in a significant increase of efficiency when trying to get work done. Your files and data stored on pCloud’s servers can be downloaded through links that you provide to those you want to share with. You are even given the option to share it with the public.

This cloud storage service takes it a step further by allowing their users to not only share their files with friends, but even allows your friends to make changes and additions for your data, only if you permit their actions through an invitation, of course. If you choose to share your data publicly, you’ll be provided with real-time statistics and interactions with any of the links that you share. Overall, this feature is perfect for those groups that are looking for collaborative features for projects or individuals who just like to share their files and other means of data.

State-of-the-Art Security

pCloud provides their users with the utmost advanced security measures. They use the highest-end encryption methods to ensure that your information is never at risk from being stolen or infiltrated. One of their encryption methods is 256-bit TLS/SSL connection, one of the top security encryption procedures.

Crypto is goes above and beyond in terms of the regular security precautions. Crypto is the perfect answer for those looking for the highest level of security with their files. Not even pCloud’s administrators can gain access your information.

pCloud is so confident in Crypto’s capabilities that they offer a $100,000 prize to the hacker that manages to break into Crypto.

Sync and Connect All Devices

They have a wide range of support on all the operating systems and devices such as:

  • Windows
  • OSX for Macs
  • iOS for iPhones
  • Android
  • and even Linux

On LaptopAny files that are stored in this cloud will be synced and connected automatically to any of your devices that use pCloud. They offer their users the option to choose specific files that are allowed to be accessed offline – particularly your most important files.

Any music that you download or pictures on your computer and synced to your cloud storage can be accessed instantly on your iPhone, Android, or virtually any other device that has some form of pCloud… and vice versa.

Optimal Backup Process

This is another area where they take the cake. Backing up your data is extremely important, I cannot stress this enough. You have the ability to back up from a wide variety of platforms, ranging from social media like your Facebook or Instagram to even other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Onedrive. Either way, backing up your data is essential and it covers exactly that. They don’t slack on keeping your backed-up data safe and organized, either. If you wanted to, you could use pCloud for just backing up your important files, and nothing more.

Outstandingly Comprehensible

This top cloud storage service seems to have a special place in their heart for heavy media users. If you have a ton of movies or listen to a lot of music, they step up to the plate and acknowledge your needs. You’re able to stream your high definition movies and videos with their provided video player on the pCloud itself. Want to listen to music files on your storage? No problem. They have an audio player built-in, as well. You even have the capabilities to create playlists to sort and organize your favorite music.

One of the most significant features of this company that sets them apart from any other cloud storage service is their lack of restriction of a file’s size and it’s upload and download speed. Size and speed are both limitless. There is literally no file too big for pCloud to store for your convenience. You won’t even have to pay extra to hold a “big” file because they already have you covered. If you wanted to put your whole hard drive, you can. Go ahead and do that and you’ll still be able to access your files through the convenience of your desktop.

Simple Data Organization

Files and data can easily overwhelm you as time progresses. Don’t let numerous files slow you down from finding your family vacation photos from 2012 or your funky workout playlist. They’ve got you covered when it comes to your file management. You are even given a “second chance” option if you happen to accidently delete files. Simply restore them with a click of a button and the utmost ease.

Do you want to preview your file through the cloud without actually downloading or moving it to your computer? No problem! pCloud lets you do exactly that. In fact, they offer their users the ability to connect any folder they please as opposed to their competitors, like Dropbox, who only offer their users synchronization of a meager, lousy, single folder.

Subscription Options and Storage Plans

They are the most preferred out of all the numerous cloud storage service on the market. It appeals to most people because of its practical and inexpensive pricing options.

Here Are The Plans Offered and Their Prices:


The Basic Plan is 100% free of charge. Anyone can use it and it is recommended for those who are still trying to get a feel for pCloud. All you have to do is just sign up and you’re done. With this plan you are allowed to store a maximum of 20gb of storage along with a capacity of 50gb of download link traffic. Download links are the links you use to share with other people or with the public. Basic is the perfect plan to test the waters and find out if pCloud is exactly what you need (I’m sure they won’t disappoint).


The Premium Plan is their low-cost plan. It is most optimal for users who love to share higher capacity folders and files, but regular users benefit outstandingly from pCloud’s variety of tools. You’re provided with a whopping 500gb of space with 500gb of download link traffic. All of this for a measly $3.99/month or $47.88 for an entire year. The pricing is insanely cheap and more than reasonable for getting half a terabyte worth of storage room.

Premium Plus

The Premium Plus Plan is the cloud company’s most recommended and best-selling plan. This is the absolute best option for those who exchange large files on a regular basis aka the power users. For only $7.99/month or $95.88 a year, you get not double, not even triple, but quadruple the amount of storage from the premium plan. You’re provided with an astronomical 2 TB of both storage space and download link traffic. This is the perfect plan for anyone who wants to back up their data and never wants to worry about running out of space. 2 TB for only $8 a month?! My friends, this pricing plan is absolutely nuts!

No matter which plan you decide to go with, you are given ALL of the tools and features. In fact, if you find that you want more than 2 TB of storage, you have the option to contact pCloud themselves so that you can set up a customized pricing plan with them to suit your needs. If that doesn’t tell you that pCloud puts the customer first, I don’t know what will.

The Final Verdict: Is pCloud Worth It?

Answer: Absolutely, 100% Yes!

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Bottom Line

We only want the best for our friends, and we strongly believe that pCloud is the best choice when it comes to being a user-friendly, exceedingly secured, organized, adaptable, and back-up friendly cloud storage service. They put their users first, not the other way around. There’s no other service that offers the best quality tools with a comfortable, practical, and affordable price tag.

They just blow the competition out of the water with their wide range of features. pCloud is so well-equipped that the competitors don’t even compare. I think it’s fair to call it the Ultimate Cloud Storage Service available.

If you need a cloud storage service that exceeds your expectations and delivers optimally and wholeheartedly, pCloud is the solution for you.

pCloud Premium F.A.Q.

Q: Where can I buy a subscription to pCloud?

A: You can grab the best cloud storage system directly through their website here.

Q: Is there a free version available?

A: Yes! The Basic Plan provides you with 20gb of storage and 50gb of download link traffic. 100% free of charge.

Q: Can I download the service as an app for my phone?

A: Absolutely! pCloud is extremely versatile on numerous platforms, both for computers and mobile devices.